EP 21 Sex-Ed As Part Of Abuse Prevention Education

Episode Summary

It can be hard for ANY parent to teach something that wasn't taught to them when growing up. You have few models of how it's done AND if you add your own negative experiences around the topic, it can make it FEEL that much harder. This is why I'm so grateful for experts who can guide us, and show us how much easier it actually IS!

Episode Notes

Cue Dr. Nadine Thornhill, sexuality educator and all around awesome human! Nadine is a certified sex educator and Doctor of Education specializing in child and adolescent sexuality. She helps folks access fact-based information, and build strong communication skills so they can teach the kids in their life about for their bodies, building positive relationships, and feeling good about who they are!

She strives to work within sex-positive, queer-positive, anti-oppressive, and pro-choice frameworks.

In her nearly fifteen years as a sexuality educator, she's worked with thousands of people, and dozens of schools and organizations across North America. She offers regular media commentary on issues related to sex education. She's been featured on networks including CBC, CTV, and CITY TV and in publications such as Today’s Parent, Huffington Post, and Oprah Magazine.

In 2018, Ontario government announced the repeal of our province’s sex ed curriculum. In response, she created #SaveSexEd, a YouTube project wherein she taught every sex education module from Ontario’s Health and Phys Ed curriculum. That same year, she was named one of Flare Magazine’s Heroes In The Fight Against Gender-Based Violence. She currently produces and co-hosts the acclaimed web series Every Body Curious . Season two premiered June 1, 2020. You can watch season one here.